A look back at another insane year in golf...

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In Normal Sport, the writers and editors serve as tour guides who walk you back through the golf year. Remember this? What about that? Here are the five guys who truly mattered. Here is what the top 10 looked like at the major championships. Here are all the humans stuffed in a tent at the 16th hole at a private golf course in New Jersey and what that means for the future of the Open Championship as well as the political bedrock of our very normal country. Undergirding all of this is, of course, the idea (we should say the truth) that golf is actually the least normal sport imaginable.

Normal Sport is two chicken wing ambassadors wearing Santa suits before taking down the best to ever tee it up and his dad. It’s a broadcaster calling golf from a snow-packed football stadium in the midwest. It’s a beaver in a motorized boat zipping around the final holes of one of the biggest tournaments of the year. It’s a six-time major winner collecting dinosaur skulls, a club manufacturer putting two lanterns on the bags of its UK staffers and the reigning PGA champ dabbing on the Green Monster. Normal Sport is everything that mattered this year and a bunch of stuff that probably didn’t.
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Kyle Porter
Writer & Editor

Kyle writes and podcasts for CBS Sports. He has covered 39 majors, four Ryder Cups and has written more words about the PNC Championship than perhaps any other human in history. Golf has produced a harvest of joy for him in the form of playing with friends but also in getting to travel the world to watch and write about others who play it. He lives in Texas with his wife and four kids.

Jason Page

Jason Page has been golfing and goofing around with image making since he was a kid. Those two loves combined with years of making unsolicited golf logos for online strangers snowballed into a career as golf-illustrator-at-large of Normal Sport, The Shotgun Start podcast and NLU among other collaborators. Like his golf game, he enjoys playing it loose with his illustrations and accepts when they go sideways into new (and often uncharted) territories. He’s shooting to bring more multilayered, open, colorful and playful narratives into golf storytelling. He lives in Amsterdam (NL) with his wife who couldn’t care less about golf.

Joel Beall
Writer & Editor

A senior scribe for Golf Digest, Joel is one of the best longform golf writers and reporters in the game. Nobody has gone deeper or written with more aplomb on such divergent topics as the Chainsmokers, Cam from the Bronx and what LIV really wants. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and dog.

Brendan Porath

Porath is a writer and editor for The Fried Egg and a podcaster for the Shotgun Start. His BABIP on Twitter is Manny Ramirez-like, and nobody has a wider breadth in golf media. Porath has written at very unserious places like SB Nation but also reported for the New York Times and appeared on Golf Channel as an analyst. He lives in Maryland with his wife and four kids.

D.J. Piehowski

D.J. does a little bit of everything at No Laying Up and elsewhere in the golf world. His primary roles at NLU include film director and podcaster, but he has also contributed to the Golfer's Journal as a writer and formerly worked for the PGA Tour as a social media director. Nobody, not even Porter, is more addicted to the Spieth Experience than D.J. He lives in Wisconsin with his wife.

Claire Rogers

A writer and social media editor at Golf.com, Rogers has exploded on the golf scene over the last few years. Her fresh insight and original takes -- like pointing out that the only person on earth more exciting to watch play golf than Tiger is somehow his son -- are a delight. She lives in Massachusetts.

Barry Watt

Barry is a globetrotter who doubles as an ace formatter and designer. He must be the only person who spent extended time playing golf in both Scotland and Hawaii in 2022. He lives seemingly everywhere.

Shane Bacon

Shane is a broadcaster for Golf Channel who has also spent time covering USGA events at FOX and as a writer at multiple outlets, including CBS Sports. He has called several U.S. Opens and an Olympics over the last few years and hosts his own podcast called Get a Grip. He is -- and it's not even very close -- the best golfer of this crew. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and two kids.

Hannah Diener

A mom of three who doesn't know the difference between the British Masters and the one in Augusta but can spot an Oxford comma from two miles away. Hannah is a part-time editor and aspires to write illustrated children's books someday. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and three kids.

Phil Brame
Audio Editor

Phil has edited NLU podcasts for several years, and he produces and manages radio broadcasts for several college teams. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and kids.

Jeff Smith
Website Creator

Not necessarily a "golf guy" but loves sports in general. Jeff has worked with teams designing and building apps and websites for several years with the folks over at CrateBind. He lives in Texas with his wife and two kids.

Some frequently asked questions
Why are you selling on a website and not on Amazon?

There are a few reasons, but the primary ones are 1. Amazon takes a preposterous cut of the revenue on digital books 2. This was mostly meant to be a standalone digital product because of how rich the illustrations are (it’s difficult to format it in such a way to make it pop on Kindle like it does as a PDF) and 3. I wanted to custom mail every hardcover copy and let my kids earn some money for helping in the process.

Can I read it on my phone?

You can do that, although reading a PDF on your phone is a bit more straining because of how small the text is. This project -- because of how rich the illustrations are -- was always meant more bigger devices like iPads.

How do I receive my digital copy?

At checkout, you should get a download link (you may have to refresh your browser). If you don't see it, a download link will also be in your inbox.

What if I can’t figure out how to download this thing?

You can email me at kyle@anormalsport.com.

Can I gift this to someone?

The best way to do this is to just put their email in at checkout and pay for it. They'll receive a download link to their email, and you'll always be the person who introduced them to golden calves jokes about Phil and Vince Carter GIFs.

Are you worried about people buying one copy and sending it to 100 people?

Oh I suppose. Perhaps I'm too trusting of folks, but I just presume most people will care enough about it to purchase it for themselves. If you work hard enough, you can steal most digital products. I'll never win that war. But I'm grateful for everyone who appreciates the time, effort and energy that were put into this project enough to throw $20 at it.

Who did the illustrations?

Jason Page. He’s incredible. Hire him if you have a project. You can find him on Twitter here.

What was the inspiration for this format?

Shea Serrano's excellent essays on The Office and Scrubs, which you can find here. He was the first person I recall saying, "Yo, I'm just going to make a digital book the way I want to make it." And of course, it was great.

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